eCommerce Website Design

Ecommerce offers you the opportunity to enter the market on a global scale without needing a huge financial commitment.

Grow Your Business Online

We develop digital buying experiences and successful digital marketing strategies to fulfill the competitive sales targets of your e-commerce business.

No matter how extensive your store, or how diverse your products, we can create it with WooCommerce and WordPress, or Shopify. By focusing on a customer-centric approach with future-proof design principles, your new will be read to open its virtual doors to the world.


We also take great pride in offering 360-degree service that helps our clients solve important considerations like: shipping integration, payment gateway integration, customer relationship management, email marketing, Google Shopping and Ads integration, data analytics and a range of other important services that are part of any successful online business.


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Our Proven Process

During the beginning phase of the process, it’s important to determine the goals of the website; for example, lead capturing, sales or to provide information. These goals will dictate the design of the website as it strives to meet this goal.

Your website needs uniform identity so that the user’s off-line journey can be enhanced by an online user’s journey. An example of this would be the logos on the letterhead that could complement the logos on the website.

The main web-based framework structure is implemented before the individual page templates are built. It’s the base for a number of page models. When a master template has been developed, individual page templates are generated, such as the product page template that would be used for all product pages.

After all the testing has been done, it is time to move the website to the live server where the website will be hosted.

To ensure that the website is safe and secure, a monthly update of WordPress and plugins is recommended. It would be catastrophic to lose the data on your website. Making a backup at least once a month will ensure an added level of security against the loss of data on your website.